All of our units are factory pre-finished


Our state of the art water-based finish is unique in the industry giving us access to unlimited finishing options whether it’s a small or large project. The water-based finish is environmentally friendly and operator friendly, providing the advantage to focus on details otherwise unattended to by the standard industrial assembly line clad manufacturers. Caoba factory pre-finishing offers unlimited choices of textures, colors and coatings using advanced technology and high-performance water-based films that far exceed the beauty and performance of job-site finishing at significant cost savings.


In addition to superior durability against the elements and lasting beauty, water based products are better for the environment and the overall health and safety of our employees.



Opaque Coatings (interior  & exterior)

Our standard opaque finishes are manufactured by Benjamin Moore for both interior and exterior surfaces. In addition, we also offer solid opaque Milesi coatings for ultimate protection and lasting beauty as a premium.


Transparent Coatings: 

Interior Products: Standard factory finish on interior products is a water-based coating on all surfaces developed by Milesi.

Exterior Products: Caoba uses water-based coatings developed specifically for Caoba by Milesi as our standard on all wood surfaces on exterior products.




Milesi has been manufacturing what are arguably the highest performing wood finishes on the market and we are proud to have the opportunity to share their solutions with our customers. They offer a comprehensive line of both interior and exterior wood finishing solutions, including the most demanding applications such as interior flooring and exterior decking. 

Milesi is a brand of the IVM Group, one of the largest and influential wood coatings manufacturers in Europe and in the world, specializing in wood coatings and home furnishing coatings. 

The research into state-of-the-art products IVM practices is combined with a profound awareness towards environmental issues, and human health. This is reflected in the decisions and activities of the company; all Collaborators are always engaged in optimizing processes, products and services with a view to guaranteeing the highest levels of safety and reduction of environmental impact.

IVM Group has always been committed to develop its activity paying constant attention to improvements in Safety, Health and Environment protection, and reduction of environmental impact of its processes, products and services. The Management and all its Collaborators are aware of such a commitment.

Milesi coatings are researched and developed by around 200 Researchers and Specialized Technicians who work in the IVM Group‘s Research and Development Laboratories in Europe and the United States. They have significant investments to allocate to their research activities: the IVM Group reserves over 8% of its revenue for its Laboratories. The Products are studied to offer an answer to any application, aesthetic or performance requirement. Their characteristics are tested according to international parameters and certified by accredited international laboratories.


The strongest protection against the sun's damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation.


  • Reduced emissions of solvents into the atmosphere (Environmentally Friendly)

  • Excellent elasticity of the coating film

  • Resistance to temperature changes and atmospheric agents

  • Ease of application

  • Maximum coverage

  • Lack of any risk of combustion during the application process

  • Better outdoor aging

  • Better Gloss retention

  • No Yellowing

  • Ease of maintenance