Where does our glass come from?

Caoba uses many different suppliers of glass and will manufacture to a specific glass supplier upon request. All of our glass suppliers are IGCC certified glazing companies.

What types of finishes does Caoba offer?

Our factory pre-­finishing offers an array of choices of textures, colors, and coatings using advanced technology and high performance water based films (we also work with acrylics and penetrating oil finishes amongst other types of finishes). You can choose between solid color (opaque) or clear (transparent) coatings. Our state of the art airless spray systems assure the absence of air bubbles in our finishes. Advanced coatings with exceptional chemical resistance and penetrating power are applied as a sealer for top coats. Optional smooth, wire brushed, distressed, hand carved and sand blasted textures are available for both interior and exterior units. We offer a wide array of colors in either opaque and transparent coatings.

What flush tracks does Caoba offer for its Sliding units?

Caoba works with a wide range of hardware suppliers. Depending on the project and requirements of the client we work with hardware from David Whitehill and Steve Haag for our sliding only units. Our lift and slide units can be fitted with hardware from Siegenia (impact approved), FFI and custom FDT­flush drainage tracks (impact approved). And for our top track sliding units we use FFI tracks.

How does Caoba manufacture their products?

Although we are devoted to “old world” craftsmanship, our factory is fully equipped with state of the art european machinery and top level engineers and technicians.

How many employees does Caoba have?

We currently have over 260 employees working at our factory on a daily basis.

What products does Caoba manufacture?

Caoba is a premier manufacturer of hardwood doors, windows, fire mantels, railings, shutters, louvers, window walls, trim, closets, general millwork, balusters, garage doors, gates, pergolas and staircases. We are only limited by your design requirements.

What else can Caoba provide for my project?

Caoba has full millwork capabilities and can provide many other items for your project in order to maintain uniformity of wood species, texture, and finishes. Some of the product we have provided are:

  • Interior and exterior casings, baseboard, crown and all other mouldings and trim
  • Louver door systems (fixed and operable louvers)
  • Gates and Garage Doors
  • T&G ceilings
  • Balusters & Railings
  • Decorative beams and post wraps
  • Cabinets and Vanities

How long does it take to get the product?

The shop drawing process is dependent on how quickly you can approve shop drawings. Once shop drawings are approved and signed, please allow approximately 8 to 10 weeks to manufacture your order depending on the complexity or your product. Shipping to the continental US and the Caribbean is typically no more than 2 weeks while shipping to Hawaii is approximately 24 days. Allowing 14 to 16 weeks from the time you place your order to job-site delivery is a reasonable expectation

Are Caoba windows and doors rated?

Florida Building Code: YES (selected products)

Does Caoba offer a clad exterior?

Yes, Caoba offers its own line of cladding called Caoba Clad Seamless or C2S.

Should we be concerned about the moisture content in the wood?

At Caoba we have 6 drying Kilns with over 120 mbf of drying capacity per month. We dry all of our wood to 8% to 12% moisture content. Wood which is purchased Kiln dried from international mills and suppliers is meticulously inspected for quality and moisture content and if necessary adjusted in our drying kilns to the optimal moisture levels. Once the wood is dry, it is milled for manufacturing.

What species of wood does Caoba use?

Caoba will build your windows and doors to your specifications. We have access to every wood species available. However, Genuine (Honduran) Mahogany and Spanish Cedar are native to Guatemala and are the species of choice for our standard offering.

Does Caoba have an office in the USA?

Yes. We have offices located in Philadelphia, PA and Kona, Hawaii.

Where is Caoba's factory located?

Caoba is located in Antigua, Guatemala, Central America, a city in the central highlands well  known for its well-preserved Spanish Colonial influenced architecture. Antigua is a designated  UNESCO World heritage site surrounded by volcanic mountains at an altitude of approximately 5,000 feet above sea level and an average temperature of 76 degrees. Antigua is a land of eternal Spring.